About Us

Formed in the winter of 2012/2013, Forest Automotive is four men, and sometimes our friend Nicole.

Brian A Pisces, Brian grew up in Upstate New York and then later on Long Island.  Brian learned the construction trades, and worked as a union drywaller in NYC for several years. Brian found his way to Buffalo State in 2004, and has lived on the west side ever since.  Brian worked for Jonah's father for many years as a carpenter, eventually joining Jonah to help open the shop in 2013.  Brian is a rare blend of intelligence and grit.  He's smart enough to be a doctor, but works with his hands because it suits his sense of style.  Brian can fix or build most anything.  If your vehicle has a complicated problem, chances are Brian is the one finding the solution.  Brian is currently a certified ASE technician, and a NYS safety inspector.

When Brian isn't meatclawing your problems away, you'll find him spending time with his three beautiful children and one wife, playing squash or reading something dense and headache inducing to mortals.

Jordan A Libra, Jordan grew up in Buffalo and found his way into computers early.  He then spent over ten years working in IT, later switching to Industrial Management.  A la Office Space, Jordan wasn't satisfied with corporate life, and he courageously started a new career with us here at the shop in 2016.  Jordan wows us with his intelligence and attention to detail, and on top of that, he's probably the nicest guy in the world.

When Jordan isn't working to improve the quality of life of everyone around him, you'll either find him spending time with his lovely wife Kristen and their son Gregory, finishing a home improvement project, or riding one of his many bicycles.  Jordan is a NYS safety inspector.

Dave A Sag, Dave and Brian have been friends for thousands of years.  Dave's mysterious past involved serious time in hardcore music bands travelling the country, living the dream.  When not on the road,  it's rumored he worked in kitchens and has never talked about fight club.  When the time came to stop touring, Dave joined us full time as our newest mechanic.  Dave is kind, intelligent, and as hard working as they come.  We are proud to have him sweat through our uniform.  Dave is also a NYS safety inspector.

Jonah An Aquarius, Jonah followed a twisted path to becoming a mechanic. He went to high school here in Buffalo at City Honors, went on to college and graduate school to become a school teacher in NYC and Hawai'i. He taught math and science for four years until he decided that being nice to kids wasn't for him, and went on to pursue a degree in physics from University at Buffalo. While at UB, Jonah bought a 1992 Honda Prelude on eBay from Iowa, and after bringing it home he realized the car was a total lemon and needed to be nearly completely rebuilt.  This was the first of many self directed learning experiences that lead Jonah to fixing cars for a living.  Jonah is currently an certified ASE Master Technician, ASE L1 certified, and an NYS safety inspector.

Jonah currently lives in Hawai'i, but from time to time will make an appearance back at the shop, filling in, or just visiting.  Aloha.




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