Our Services

Forest Automotive is a NYS inspection station and a full service automotive repair facility including alignments. While Forest Automotive specializes in electrical and computer related diagnostics, we can fix most everything. In addition we offer:

Oil Changes We normally use either NAPA conventional motor oil or Mobil One Full Synthetic motor oil, but you tell us what oil and filter you prefer and we will make that happen.

Factory Maintenance Schedule Advising Every new vehicle to Forest Automotive is referenced against the scheduled factory maintenance charts.  Over the life of your vehicle and your visits to Forest Automotive, we keep track of what maintenance has been performed and when, and advise what is due next. It's obvious that keeping up on factory recommended maintenance is the most effective way to get the most life out of your vehicle, and we make it a point to help you stay on top of it. Spending money upfront on timely maintenance is the best way to keep long term vehicle ownership costs as low as possible.  That and not crashing into stuff.

Air Conditioning Service It should be noted that Air Conditioning service is generally more expensive than most customers realize (average AC repair bill = $1,000).  But in the event that air conditioning is something you will not live without, Forest Auto is experienced and tooled to make a lasting professional repair.

Tire Sales While we keep no tires in stock at the shop, we can get you nearly any new tire in a few hours. Our tire machine can handle low profile tires, and we have all the necessary scanners and know how to deal with TPMS sensor issues. Honestly, our tire prices are not as low as large tire retailers, but we are honest and we will only sell you tires if you need them.  That's worth something we think.

Transmission and Glass Forest Automotive is not a transmission shop, and we do not replace windshields.  Generally we refer customers to glass specialists such as Glass America when a windshield is needed, and usually the glass shops will be able to replace your windshield at a location of your choosing.  In the past we've subcontracted transmission repairs, but experience has shown that transmission shops are generally unreliable and we cannot endorse any tranmission shop for your transmission needs at this time.  If you find a good transmission shop, we'd really like to know about it!

Used Car Evaluations Would you like an honest evaluation of a car by that you are thinking of purchasing?  Forest Automotive can give you a thorough inspection in about thirty minutes and provide a comprehensive overview of obvious future mechanical issues.  Generally an appointment is made at the shop by a customer, then the customer meets the seller (of the used car) at the shop for the appointment and half an hour later the inspection is finished and the seller leaves.  After the seller leaves we give the customer our report and let them make a decision.

Timing Belt Service An overdue timing belt replacement (in vehicles that have timing belts) is something that a shocking number of owners are not aware of. If there is one maintenance point that can ruin your vehicle in a hurry (besides engine oil neglect), its allowing a timing belt to snap. Forest Automotive specializes in timing belt and water pump replacement and usually have this service finished the same day.

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